Tours For Seniors Traveling Alone

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Traveling alone can be challenging, especially if you have special needs or dietary restrictions. Additionally, seniors need plenty of breaks and comfortable seats, which can make traveling on a standard tour difficult. However, a variety of companies now offer tours designed specifically for seniors. These tours are designed to meet the needs of older people, while still being safe and fun.


Globus tours for seniors traveling alone are designed to give senior travelers a chance to explore the world while remaining safe and sound. These tours provide comprehensive planning assistance, which includes extensive pre-trip preparation and emails that cover all the details. You’ll also be able to select your desired travel itinerary from their wide selection of trips. In addition, Globus tours provide more inclusions than many other companies, including airport transfers and special amenities. The tour company also makes sure that all the hotels you stay in are located near major sights and attractions. Travelers will also benefit from a tour director who offers plenty of information and guidance.

The company has strict health and safety protocols that cover all aspects of their operation, including their vehicles, excursions, and hotel procedures. They continue to improve their health and safety checks, and their commitment to safety and well-being is unwavering. As a result, they have become one of the most popular tours for seniors traveling alone.

Globus tours for seniors traveling alone feature both traditional and unique experiences. Some tours are designed to focus on the biggest sights and tourist attractions, while others focus on off-the-beaten-path experiences and unique local experiences. For those who have traveled a lot on their own, Globus tours for seniors traveling alone are a great option for traveling without a companion. Many of these tours include daily breakfast, guided sightseeing, and transportation between destinations. There are also multi-destination options and independent city stays available. Some even include multiple countries in Asia.

Grand Circle

Whether you’re traveling solo or with a companion, Grand Circle Travel is the perfect way to enjoy the world. Founded in 1958, the company is the world’s largest tour operator for seniors. Its diverse trips take travelers to world-famous destinations and less-traveled locales.

The company specializes in adventure travel for seniors. It offers fully custom and ready-made itineraries. It also offers destination specialists who can help travelers select appropriate accommodations, transportation, and activities. Its tours cater to senior travelers, and many are wheelchair accessible. You can choose from a wide range of tours, ranging from the most challenging to the most relaxing.

While many older travelers enjoy traveling with their families, many are looking for new adventures. Many of these older travelers enjoy exploring new countries and immersing themselves in local culture. They are also seeking adventure and educational opportunities. As a result, more travel companies are catering to senior travelers with specialized tours.

While there are many tour companies available for older travelers, some specialize in older travelers and offer discounts for AARP members. Many of these companies specialize in small group senior expeditions. For example, the Grand Circle Cruise Line has tours designed just for this population. Many of these tours are easy-paced and include lectures and activities.


If you’re a senior traveling alone, Trafalgar has tours for you. Their escorted tours and cruises include all flights, hotels, transfers, and most meals. They also include all tips and taxes. They cater to travellers age 55 to 70. You’ll meet others your age on a Trafalgar tour, and you may even get to travel with singles.

You’ll want to choose a tour that is right for your needs. You can choose from tours that range from a short three-day trip to an eight-day tour. The website offers details on each tour’s duration. You’ll be able to choose a trip that will keep you active and fit your time constraints.

Many Trafalgar tours are customized to accommodate your specific needs. For instance, you can select a specialty tour, where you’ll be able to see behind-the-scenes at some of the world’s most famous museums. You can also select a personal shopper to help you shop for souvenirs. You can also customize your vacation by selecting the type of accommodations and destinations that suit you best.

Senior travelers can often find it difficult to travel alone. That’s why Trafalgar has developed special tours for seniors. These tours are created with a combination of travel directors and local experts. The company also takes health and safety concerns seriously. In fact, the company pioneered the industry’s first position of Wellbeing Director. The Wellbeing Director ensures that suppliers and partners follow strict health and safety protocols. She’s also responsible for handling any health queries that may arise.


If you’re a senior traveling alone, you might not want to try an AARP tour. But it is possible to find one that meets your needs. Seniors can opt for a half-day tour or a multi-day retreat that includes activities such as local food tastings, hiking through national parks, and floating on a river. These tours can also help you learn more about the attractions of a particular destination.

There are also tours that are specifically designed for women traveling alone. Organizers of this type of tour will arrange room sharing, keep the group size small, and offer destinations that are perfect for women. For example, Kindred Tours, which has been around for over 30 years, offers women travel adventures in small groups. While its tours often focus on the American Southwest, it also offers cruises and international travel.

AARP is the largest membership organization for seniors. Its online travel center can provide you with information about different tours that can meet your needs. The site also allows you to book your trip through Expedia. You can choose from several tour options, including fully escorted tours, independent travel, small-ship cruises, and European tours. AARP also offers a guided Hong Kong trip that includes four meals, hotel accommodations, and a private driver.

A river cruise is another great way for seniors to see Europe. Whether it’s on the Rhine or the Danube, a river cruise is a great way to explore storybook villages and cities. Taking an easy pace is a great way to travel and see new things. It’s also a great way to meet other seniors.

Intrepid Travel

Seniors who are traveling alone can take advantage of Intrepid Travel tours. They provide a variety of destinations to explore and are designed for people who enjoy adventure. You can choose an active trip or a more relaxing trip, depending on your needs. The company provides emergency contact information for every trip on the website, and many hotels offer Wi-Fi. However, many destinations have limited cell coverage, so you must check with your phone carrier before traveling.

Many tours include a local group leader who is a local expert and can help you navigate the unfamiliar surroundings. These leaders will also help you learn about local food and the stories behind the places you visit. Most tours include transportation and accommodations, and some will also include group activities and meals. Several trips even include a homestay experience, where you can stay with a local family and have a meal with them. However, you should be aware that some Intrepid tours do not include airfares, and you must arrange your own transportation.

Whether you’re traveling on your own or with a companion, Intrepid offers tours for all interests and abilities. Many tours are multi-day, so you can choose the itinerary that fits your personal interests. Some tours focus on history, food, adventure, or old-time train rides. These tours also offer group activities so you’ll be able to connect with other travelers of similar interests.

Kensington Tours

If you are looking for a luxury tour operator that can provide a more individualized and personalized experience, consider Kensington Tours. Their tours focus on top-notch service, premier accommodations, and fine cuisine. Seniors who opt for this company often find themselves in a position to experience luxury first-hand. The company also offers personalized VIP treatment and access to exclusive events. The company offers a variety of tours and experiences, including an African safari, treasures of India with a camel fair, and top regional adventures.

Kensington Tours is an award-winning travel company that specializes in custom luxury travel. Its tours and vacation packages incorporate local guides who will provide insider knowledge and add a personal touch. The company has a global network of in-country offices and offers customizable tour packages for all types of travelers.

If you’re a couple, Kensington Tours can help you plan the perfect honeymoon. Their experts will listen to your preferences and craft the perfect itinerary for you. They also provide private guides for festivals to help you navigate your way around. If you’re traveling with a loved one, a Kensington Tours personal guide can help you plan the trip.

Traveling on your own can be scary for senior citizens, but with the right tour company, you can safely visit the sights without worrying about safety. Plus, your retirement savings can be spent on an enjoyable trip.