about Me

An unbounded spirit, forever roaming, for I am a free soul, forever seeking, forever travelling.

What does travel mean to me?

My parents taught me (and continue to teach me!) to savour life. Every whine was met with a gentle rebuke: I complained about the swell of my calves and I was told I was lucky to be able to walk.

Since travelling around the world, through some of the very poorest nations, in 2010-11, I saw first-hand how lucky I was. I believe that life is measured by what we can get out of it. And I want to get as much from it as possible.

Time is ticking… don’t waste it.

What is travel?

If you ask me, it’s not just getting on a plane and jetting off somewhere exotic. I can’t do that each day because I’ve decided not to be a nomad but to have a home in the country I was born in, near the people I like the most. So travel for me is about getting the most out of life, having new experiences and widening my eyes, whether that’s skydiving onto a deserted tropical beach or going to the cinema.

Time is ticking… don’t waste it!

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